Wanted: Fair job opportunities!  

Official course: 1 ECTS in transferable skills

With voice.of.diversity, we have designed a unique project that offers students and companies a new perspective.

The course offered by the TU Career Center promotes equal opportunities in the recruiting process by reducing unconscious bias.

  • You will get to know companies in an anonymous, fair application process
  • You will increase your awareness of unconscious bias
  • We will put you in touch with companies that can offer exciting career opportunities
  • These opportunities will be offered to you based on your professional skills

The aim of the course is to raise awareness and sensitize companies and students towards unconscious bias.

We look forward to receiving applications from TU (Business) Informatics, Techncial Physics & Mathematics students in the winter semester 2024/25.

Course language: English

Next dates

The dates for the next course in the winter semester 2024/25:

  • Registration/Application: until 10.10.2024
  • Preparation workshop: 24.10.2024 (all day)
  • Anonymous audition: 7.11.2024 (all day)

Click here to apply: The application will be opened in time.

"For me, all the different feelings I used to get in a usual process were drastically changed to just curiosity towards this new possible work environment. I was calmer and clearer in my communication with the company - either via chat or physical interview."

Bruna, student of business informatics


Step 1: Registration & selection

Are you studying (business) informatics, technical physics or mathematics? Then register for the course now! Upload your CV and a current transcript of records.

Applicants' personal data will be requested during the application process. This is purely for the purpose of organizing the course by the TU Career Center and will NOT be passed on to the participating companies in advance so that the anonymous application process can be guaranteed. You will be informed by e-mail in the week after the application deadline whether you have been accepted to the course and will also receive all further information about the process.

Step 2: Preparation workshop 

As a participant in the course, you will be prepared for the anonymous auditions in a full-day workshop. You will receive valuable input from diversity experts and the TU Career Center consultants. You will also be prepared for the setting of the anonymous auditions. The chat tool DEBIAS, which was specially developed for the course, will be used for this; you can find more information here: https://debias.cisvienna.com

Step 3: Anonymous auditions 

Anonymous auditions involve anonymous interviews with the participating companies. Your interviewer does not know your name, age, gender or where you come from. This avoids the majority of unconscious prejudices! You get to know the companies in a two-stage process: First via an anonymous chat in the DEBIAS tool and then you have a face-to-face interview with company representatives.

The focus is on your qualifications!

Step 4: Exciting opportunities at the participating companies 

voice.of.diversity allows you to get to know potential future employers up close, without prejudice. Highly attractive opportunities await you at the participating companies, which can also be offered to you during the anonymous auditions!

Participating companies 2023

Why was this course created? 

voice.of.diversity is a project of the TU Career Center to promote equal opportunities in the recruiting process by reducing unconscious bias. Companies are often blinded by details such as name, appearance, height, origin, gender or other aspects and overlook highly qualified candidates. Students also repeatedly talk about unfair application processes.

Sounds unfair - and it is!

We all think in patterns and stereotypes. We have unconsciously stored these based on our experiences, socialization and culture. This enables us to filter information and make decisions more quickly. This is very helpful for "putting your world in order", but it can also be deceptive. All our students should have every opportunity to achieve their potential.

The aim of our project is therefore to raise awareness and sensitize companies and students to unconscious bias.

This was voice.of.diversity 2023

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