• Carlos Almeida | Mechanical Engineering

    When I first came to Austria, I realised that the way of applying for jobs here is completely different to what I was used to in my home country. TU Career Center’s workshops on application materials, job interviews and salary concerns helped me to prepare myself for the application process is Europe. Furthermore, the TUCC – team was always there when I had further questions related to my applications.
    The “Fachorientierte Workshops” offered a great chance to get some insights into organisational culture, internal processes and atmosphere of interesting companies and engage with various technical fields. After their presentations, I was able to talk to the company representatives in a casual atmosphere and leave a good impression. This paved my way to the job interview and allowed me to enter the job market.

    The TU Career Center and its competent team are a precious treasure!

  • Iris Schmidt | Physics

    What I liked most about the Cross Table Dinner was that the atmosphere was so much more casual and relaxed than it is usually the case at job interviews. What is more, questions that cannot be dealt with in typical initial interviews were addressed.
    I also appreciated the exchange with fellow participants.

    I highly recommend the event to all interested students: Hand in your applications and don’t miss out on this chance!

  • Mariyan Dimitrov | Civil Engineering

    The workshop was well organised, the attending CEO was very open minded and I got to know many interesting facts about the company. Due to the small group size at the “Fachorientierter Workshop”, I was able to benefit from the direct interaction with the company representatives.
    All in all, the atmosphere at the workshop was very pleasant.

  • Marta Dimova | Civil Engineering

    The best part of the Cross Table Dinner ist hat you get the chance to meet companies in an unconventional way. I liked the atmosphere and got all the information I needed. You also receive advise on applying for a job, which is really useful as well. I furthermore appreciated the possibility for exchange with other students.
    It was definitely an unforgettable evening and I would recommend a participation to everyone.

  • Josef J. Lang | Physics

    Especially for students and graduates of technical studies, TU Career Center offers great opportunities to get to know companies and get in touch with their representatives.
    The “Fachorientierte Workshops” facilitate interesting insights into companies and furthermore enable the representatives to get an impression of the students that participate at the workshop. This way, participants’ applications stand out from the majority of applications.
    The courses on application materials, job interviews and salary negotiations already were of great use for me when I applied for jobs.

  • Sebastian Havlik | Spatial Planning

    I applied for the Cross Table Dinner because it offers casual opportunities for meeting companies and gives excellent insights into their occupational fields.