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How to convince in a job interview

You don’t get a second chance at a first impression.
The first impression you make during a job interview is crucial. It is influenced by your appearance, your outfit as well as by your posture and your diction.
Consider not only what you say, but also how you say it: a friendly smile and a firm handshake make a big difference!

Various factors are decisive for a successful job interview, we listed the most crucial ones for you:

  • Thorough preparation (gather information on the company, the field, be aware of how to present yourself and what your core skills are)
  • Attentive and active listening
  • Open body language, keep eye-contact, show interest
  • Distinguish background and intention of the interview questions
  • React calm and confident to questions, even if they might be unpleasant or stressful
  • Straight answers, give examples of situations you experienced
  • Show yourself loyal towards former / current employers

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Back up your salary demand

You are in the middle of a job interview. The recruiter asks you, how much you want to get paid, and you don’t know how much would be appropriate to ask for. Have you been there?

Thorough preparation of your salary negotiation prevents you from being in that situation again. Knowing how much to ask for, how much pay is realistic and how to convince the interviewer about your market value increases your chances of getting the pay you wish for.
When negotiating, you should be able to show that you had a look at average salaries in your field, talked to colleagues about the topic and dealt with pay calculation tools.
Show the interviewer that you are aware of your market value and cannot simply be outmanoeuvred.

TIP: You want to learn more about the influence of factors such as economic output, field, working hours and contracts of the company on your salary demand? Participate in our workshop “Die Gehaltsfrage”, where we discuss how you can justify your demand and talk about appropriate starting salaries for technicians, people working in IT  and natural scientists. We are looking forward to welcoming you in our workshop!

PLEASE NOTE that our workshops are held in German!



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