Executive management and administration



Mag. Helene Czanba

I was lucky enough to find the perfect jop immediately after graduating in business administration.
For 15 years I have been working in HR, mostly in recruiting and consulting. For a few years now I have been managing the TU Career Center, that involves mainly administrative and strategic tasks. Thus, I am always happy to get in touch with students and graduates whenever I get the chance to attend one of our events.  

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Sandra Berisha

As a single mom of two sons I am used to acting spontaneously, quickly and effectively. Besides my family I have a second big passion in life: being an accountant.
I am fond of numbers, nevertheless I appreciate the direct interaction with our clients a lot.
Since April 2014 I have been supporting the TUCC as assistant to the CEO and have been the heart of the team at many occasions.

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Marketing and Eventmanagement



Andreas Schwaiger

Members of the team often call me the TUCC-dinosaur as I have been with the TU Career Center since 2008 and thus was able to acquire comprehensive know-how and knowledge. The main part of my responsibilities centres around getting in touch with companies who want to present themselves as attractive employers at TU Wien. Another important part of my work is the overall marketing performance of the TUCC – internal as well as external.
My motto: „There is only one proof of ability: action.“

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Mag. (FH) Jacqueline Nagy

When I was 9 years old, my wish was to become a helicopter pilot or a police woman.
Some years later – after graduating in media management from FH St.Pölten – I ended up in advertising. After several years with a renowned Viennese advertising agency I joined the team of TU Career Center. Here I am responsible for the TUday – the Jobfair of the TU Wien. Various print media, employer branding and advertising also make up a large part of my work.
I live by the motto: “If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.”

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Mag. Stefan Hörcsöky

My passion for graphic design and everything related became noticeable very early in my life. Already in kindergarten I scribbled, painted and drew until my (left) hand was aching. My schoolbooks were barely recognisable as such, as they rather resembled abstract works of art.
Alongside with the studies of business administration, I took up digital picture-editing which opened up undreamed-of possibilities. Those I take advantage of for my work for the TUCC, whenever I get the chance and  if I don’t happen to be busy at one of our events.   

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Mag. Hanna Kolbe, MA

The interest for communication has been a part of me for my whole life, no matter if it is human interaction, literature, theatre, visual arts or advertising and market communications. Communication – conscious or unknowingly – always fascinated me, thus the choice for Communication Sciences at university and a job in marketing were nothing but logical.
Working with TU Career Center, I can also indulge my second big passion: the direct interaction with people. I your contact when it comes to advertising at TU Wien and also responsible for our events and workshops.

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HR Consulting



  Mag. Alexandra Langeder

Out of interest, I graduated in History, but life brought up many exciting challenges, and one of those led me to my first experiences in HR Consulting in 2003. Since then, I have been fond of the field.
Working for the TU Career Center, I can utilise my experience, straightforwardly operate in coaching and also implement my networking skills and know-how.
My motto: The wise speak only of what they know (J.R.R. Tolkien).

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MMag. Birgit Hauck

The best stories are written by life – therefore I love working in HR Consulting. After graduating in communication sciences and several years in the media industry I started working in HR and consulting in 2009. In March 2016 I finalised my second course of studies and graduated in psychology.
Already in 2012 I started working with the TU Career Center, I am responsible for TUtheTOP – the talent development programme of the TU Wien as well as for the Verbund-Womens-scholarship. Additionally, I am able to contribute my versatile experiences to our coachings and editorial tasks.

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Mag. Therese Pestl

I am trainer with gusto and put my heart and soul into networking. Already during my studies of international business administration I was able to gain a lot of experience in the field of HR. My career led me from strategic human resources development and training management to recruiting, implementation of development measures and finally to career consulting for students and graduates. At TUCC, I support applicants with their career choices and employers with their recruiting.

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Sanja Crljen

The capacity for teamwork, resilience and the ability to communicate. These skills and competences characterise me, and I am happy to contribute them to the TUCC’s work in HR consulting since my return after maternity leave. After many years in customer service, I have now the chance to act as an interface between my team and various online media.
My motto: “Sorrows might knock on your door, but they leave when they just hear a laugh from indoors.”


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Stephanie Enzinger, BA

Already since my early childhood days, I have been very interested in foreign cultures. I’m especially fascinated by the Spanish language and the latin-American culture. In my leisure time I love to travel. At TU Career Center, one of my main responsibilities is the job board, and I am also the right hand of the recruiting team and support my colleagues in administrative tasks.

My motto: “If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity”.

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Mag. Daniela Haiden-Schroll (on educational leave)

Creating variety and additional value – this is what makes my work at TU Career Center exciting and meaningful! As division manager I work together with my team to support students and graduates with their search for the right job and companies with their search for the best employees. I am responsible for our job board, various coachings, trainings, search projects and TUtheTOP, the High Potential Programme of TU Wien.

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