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In the company qtlabs fiber-based applications, horizontal free-space links and telescopes with a quantum receiver are designed and manufactured to negate the future danger of a quantum computer on classical cryptography. The products in this form are unique in the world. The telescopes are able to track a satellite and generate a quantum key (for example by means of entangled photons). This quantum key is, compared to classical encryption methods, 100% secure against hacking attacks. Thus, this technology sustainably protects the critical IT infrastructure.



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Optical Ground Station 40cm and 80cm: OGS 400 and OGS 800

We offer a fully functional optical ground station with both 40cm and 80cm aperture telescope. The OGS includes a telescope, mount, and enclosure. All functionalities for applications in QKD and laser-communication (such as accurate tracking, tip-tilt mirrors, initial alignment) are given. The operational wavelength regime ranges from 500 nm to 1700 nm.

In order to receive QKD signals from a satellite we offer our in-house designed quantum receiver for wavelengths of 800 nm and 1550 nm. Each quantum receiver is available for demodulation in either the polarization or time degree of freedom, depending on your specific needs. The quantum-state analysis and single-photon detectors allow for high-performance quantum-communication applications from space with very low polarization error and timing jitter.


Free-Space Terrestrial Link

We offer the design and implementation of terrestrial (horizontal) free-space links for quantum-communication applications. This includes sending and receiving platforms, classical beacon signals, detectors, and closed-loop tracking mechanisms. Distances can range from few kilometers up to several tenths of kilometers.


We are happy to provide you with our consulting services regarding quantum technologies. The consulting services covers topics ranging from general questions regarding quantum technologies to the analysis and development of concepts on how quantum technology can be useful or even necessary within our organization. In the process our team of consultants will guide and advise you following your specific needs and processes. Together we will develop strategies that make your organization fit for the quantum era.


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